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Established in 2004, Premier Tooling specialises in the sourcing, project management and supply of precision moulds and maintenance parts to a diverse European customer base. The production of our sourced tooling is project managed by our local team who work closely with the tool shops that we have rigorously researched and selected in several regions across South East Asia and China, some of whom have received accolades from our customers acknowledging a 12-month period with a perfect score on quality and delivery timing. 

Quality Assurance Tick


Premier Tooling works in partnership with a highly skilled Chinese supply base that are all accredited to ISO/QS 9001 and ISO/TS16949.

Premier Tooling Mission Statement


Premier Tooling’s mission is to be a specialist tooling supplier, providing a long-term business relationship and offering a low cost, high quality, and technology efficient service, supporting our customers in sourcing all their tooling requirements.

Premier Tooling Vision Statement


Premier Tooling, via our highly skilled customer team (who are fluent in Chinese, English, German, Spanish and French), will enable our customers to enjoy the benefits of low cost sourcing in China for all their tooling requirements. With dedicated technical staff based locally, handling any language and cultural differences, we can provide onsite supplier surveys, negotiate with suppliers and assist with any onsite issues.

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